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TONIGHT at 9PM EST: TUEBL’s very own librarian will be debating pro-copyright author Charles Sheehan Miles on AnonPlus Radio. For those who aren’t familiar with the rivalry, here’s the gist of it………….


Charles Sheehan Miles is the author of several novels and a handful of short stories. Earlier this year, on his blog Side Views, he stirred up the last wave of anti-TUEBL with his post Book Piracy And Me.” The post attempts to debunk what he calls myths of book pirates, including things like Pirating helps authors and People won’t pirate if the paid product is easily accessible and priced low enough. 

TUEBL, for it’s part in this skirmish, is the target of a somewhat misplaced anger at book pirates. Remember, being fully DMCA-compliant, TUEBL is not actually a pirate siteStill, on an ideological level, it’s admins openly embrace the cultural significance and fundamental human value of free sharing. Moreover, as this blog has often reiterated, there are in fact many, many studies that call into serious question the myths of the copyright industry.

The Debate

In other words, each side is strong in their convictions.

Everyone believes they have morality, evidence, and experience on their side.

This debate has been going on in it’s modern form, for over a decade, and in various forms for a lot longer than that. Lawmakers, publishers, and readers are hardly likely to resolve the ever-evolving differences anytime soon.

However, dialogue is important. Readers need writers to create the books they love so much and writers need readers to read the books they poured their heart and soul into. While the internet has catapulted the creative industries and their fans to whole new levels, there is still much resistance to the new digital culture, its mechanisms, and its values. And there probably will be for a long time yet. But talking is our only hope of making progress.

Finally, Be Nice!

Contrary to the oft-repeated assumption that pirates don’t care about authors, I think us bookworms know very well that we love our authors as much as our books. That’s why TUEBL seeks to balance the wishes of authors with the needs of the library community. And that’s why, even when we fundamentally disagree we do so with respect.

And with all that in mind…………..

See you there!

Radio AnonOps, 9PM EST

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