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Hi there!

I’m Aelius.

I write.

I’m also an avid TUEBL fan. You know that Facebook page everyone checks for the latest library news/panic/oh-my-god-where-is-TUEBL moments? I made that. After false DMCA takedowns (sent to Facebook…….. where exactly zero books are kept o_O ) forced the official page offline, I wanted to make sure that readers and writers still had a place to talk. Being both reader and writer myself, the library’s always been an important place for me, and I make sure my books have a spot on TUEBL’s digital shelves as soon as they come out.

Also, I blog.

About writing. About reading. About reading– and writing–related politics. About life. About dragons and Bruce Willis and Farscape and semi-colons and Sweden and incomprehensible acronym-ed internet legislation and………

Oh, and TUEBL.

Which is why I’m saying a big HI to all the TUEBLovers out there today!

I’m not the only blogger ever to cover TUEBL. But, I am one of the few doing it so regularly and effusively. And, since our Librarian-In-Chief is busy making sure our beloved library stays afloat, I’ve taken over TUEBL blogging duties.  Cheapassfiction is now the “official” TUEBL blog. At least, as official as things get here.

So, welcome!

This is just one more place where TUEBL readers and writers are free to congregate and share stories, news, and lulz.

See you around!



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