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With 100,000 registered users in less than an hour, Mega – the bigger, better, more resilient storage/sharing platform of Kim Dotcom, and the phoenix rising from the ashes of Megaupload – is flying off the ground. Fans are bottlenecking at the gate to get in and get behind that 50GB free space, the built in encryption, and the promise of a more shatter-resistant infrastructure. But more importantly, we’re rushing to get behind the guy that will fight like hell to keep it all alive.

Now let’s get one thing straight: Kim Dotcom is a douchebag.

But I don’t want to jump on the Megabandwagon because I want to be his BFF. I want to make the jump because of what he represents: Survival. Kim’s a rich opportunist, former bad guy, and current self-important egomaniac. But he’s using his riches and his opportunity and importance for good – to provide a great and free service, promote privacy, bring accessible cryptography to the masses, rally the internet for better, freer communication, and fight tooth and nail on its behalf.

Kim Dotcom has survived.

He may yet see the inside of a US federal prison. He may yet be crushed under the weighted judiciary jackboot. He may yet…… lose. And we all with him.

But not today.

Today, he is fighting.

Today, Mega is fighting.

Today, the stampeding and hopeful fans are fighting.

Yes, there are questions about Mega. While they tout privacy, they keep IP addresses. What will they’ll be doing with those addresses? And are they going to be VPN/Tor friendly? Can we trust their crypto? I don’t know, and I sure as hell won’t trust Mega with anything important until I find out – if ever.

But today, Mega isn’t a symbol of ironclad privacy. It isn’t a symbol of unbreakable crypto. It isn’t a symbol of the holy grail of internets.

Today, it’s a symbol of survival.

It’s a symbol of resistance.

It’s a symbol of fight.

Today, the phoenix rises from the ashes.

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    • Frank

      mpravo paidia! kati auotonito k toso eukolo ma toso disnoito k diskolo gia mas tous ellines pou perimenoume ta panta apo to kratos ginetai pragmatikotita. stin ameriki opou diamenw ena meros tou xronou kathe katoikos einai ipoxrewmenos na frontizei to pezodromio tou apo tin kathariotita mexri k ton kallwpismo me fita. edw menw ston peiraia opou i katastasi einai frixti kiriws giati k emeis ws polites den exoume mathei oti opws exoume kathara ta spitia mas mesa prepei na exoume k ton xwro tis polis. allwste spiti mas den einai k auto? elpizw twra pou olo k perissoteros kosmos endiaferetai gia autin tin kinisi na drastiriopihtheitai k stin perioxi tou peiraia!


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