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Halfway through November, my NaNoWriMo updates looked pretty grim. Well, confession time: Things didn’t get any better. I stopped updating my word count shortly after I switched projects, not because I wasn’t writing, but because I wasn’t posting it. Not that every WriMo posts their work – most don’t. But I said I would, and I wasn’t going to count words that I hadn’t shared.

On the upside, I have a great chunk of work. Maybe not linear, sensible work, that I’ll be sharing like I wanted to, but for now I’m happy and celebrating the fact that I have a great skeleton first draft.

When I decided not to LiveWrite, the reason was that I was too distracted by the “Live” part to focus on  the “Writing” part. I stalled. Turns out, the pressure of just posting my writing – even if it wasn’t live – had much the same effect. I was so afraid of the posting part, I was paralyzed in the writing part. As I go more and more public with my writing, I have to remind myself that what really matters is the writing itself: first and foremost, getting it donethen sharing it. As I get to be a better writer, I hope those two things can happen simultaneously. But for now… I’m just writing.

So happy December!

Relax, have a toast to new novels, and regale everyone with tales of valiant NaNo efforts until next year!

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