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I’m collecting all things Pirate and Copyright into a new reference page. This page will include research, court decisions, and anecdotes not only from the publishing industry, but from the film and music industries as well. We can always learn a thing or two from our predecessors. Why repeat their mistakes? I’m doing this for two reasons:

Firstly, I need to.

Circular discussions that dribble off into “Well, if only we had more information…” are useless and annoying. We DO have information. We have hard, supportable facts – maybe not enough to prove 100% what effect Copyright and Piracy will have on every title, but enough to challenge the End-Of-Days scenario we’ve been given since the internet was born.

Secondly, I’m lazy.

When I post about Copyright and Piracy, I inevitably end up linking to  the same core studies, news articles, and stories over and over again. It’s maddening! Well, now, those classic pieces are all in one place – easier for me AND anyone who’s new to the discussion and just wants a snapshot of the talking points.


The ONE Page To Rule Them ALL is finally here.

What do you think should be on the ONE list? What resources are most important in debating Copyright and Piracy? What studies or stories should writers, specifically, be aware of? What information do you wish we had on Copyright and Piracy?

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