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Above Ground is the newest novel by A.M Harte, editor-in-chief at 1889 Labs, publisher of the strange. This Tuesday, November 27th, yours truly will be participating with a review here at Cheapass Fiction.

The tour’s been going on for the whole of November, but I’ve been so absorbed reading this thing that I totally forgot to check out the rest of the stops! But today, I got caught up – and found out that Ms Harte has some great things to say, particularly in regards to writing web fiction, playing the publishing game, and understanding the wickedness of werewolves. So anyone else who needs some NaNoWriMo procrastination or a deeper understanding of your neighborhood werewolf or an insight into the world of publishing web fiction or just a good read check out Above Ground, the tour, AND, how to win one of several “mystery prizes” (possible mysteries: books, artwork, swag, vouchers, etc)!

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