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My NaNoWriM didn’t kick off smoothly this year. After a midstream change in Week 2, I’m getting space from the Skyland series and focusing on a new project. As usual, I’ll be publishing my work as I go along. However, also as usual, but NOT as promised, I won’t be writing the thing live. :-( When I tried Livewriting, I found myself too distracted by the “Live” part to get to the “Writing” part! As November marched on and my novel didn’t, I decided to throw out pride and promises. Now I’m doing it my own damn way. So, yes, I lied. I’m writing offline. Throughout the day, I post chunks on Google docs and, for those who want to download it, on Smashwords.  Ah well. Maybe next year for the Livewriting!

In the meantime, meet Straw.

This vampire misses high school. At least, he misses the love of his life, Nora, who still gets to attend while Straw is penned in the government’s compulsory settlement for non-humans. But a Rehumanization initiative might give them the opportunity to be reunited – if he’s willing to pay the price.

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