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Let the countdown begin!

Only two weeks to go until Day One of the best month of the year. Or more accurately, fourteen days, eleven hours, and thirty minutes…. by the time I post this.

Despite being a perpetual NaNoWriMo Loser and Rebel Repeat Offender, I still look forward to November every year. And 2012 will be the most exciting one yet.  With last year’s NaNo novel, Skyland, nearing its final edits, this November first will see both the publication of my first novel and the (official) beginning of its sequel.

As a NaNo Rebel, I am technically stretching the rules. Truthfully, I have been working on the rest of the Skyland series for a while now. However, as Book II is currently in a state of notes and snippets, NaNoWriMo will provide the perfect opportunity for unifying, expanding, and continuing the scraps to make one cohesive piece. 50,000 new words is still the goal!

Plus, I just can’t stay away.

So who else will be trying for 50,000 next month?

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  1. Gray

    Wish I had the time this year, but unfortunately, non. Look forward to reading the product of your endeavours!

    • aeliusblythe

      And I hope they are worth reading!

      Time IS always the problem, isn’t it? Of course, it’s amazing what you can do without sleeping or eating! Zzzzzzzzz……


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