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The wild and transient pulse of creation beats here.

Here in the digital spaces, everyone creates. Here in the digital spaces, everyone is a writer, a photographer, a journalist, an artist. Here in the digital spaces, everyone can shout and be shouted down. And as intoxicating as Here is, this rough and tumble mess that is so…internet begs the question: why does anyone create here at all?

Simple. It’s fun.

But what’s fun isn’t always profitable. And what fills your heart doesn’t always fill your wallet. Choosing this new world means leaving behind the support of the old, and lurking fears wonder if poverty is the price of creation………

My guest post on 1889 Labs blog just went up!  Read the rest of why Flattr is awesome here!

1889 Labs is an independent publisher of the strange.  It was awesome to be asked for a guest post!  Go read it!

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