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This is the Moon.

The pockmarked thing in the foreground, that is.  The white thing in the sky is Earth.  Specifically, the first picture of Earth from the moon.  Seemed appropriate for a collection entitled WORLD.  Even more appropriate about the new and often-perceived-as alien landscapes of the digital generation.

If it looks familiar, and you’re not a NASA nut, it’s probably from every werewolf book cover ever made.

Meh.  Sometimes, something is popular because it’s good.

Or free.

After the cover artist who produced my Stories About Things cover went MIA, I decided to trespass on NASA’s hospitality a bit.  Tramped in and leafed through the family photos till I found one I liked.  Took it for my own purposes, because besides the whole space-travel thing NASA is also cool for enriching the public domain.

And while I lament the loss of pro cover art, I am also celebrating the fact that I can now publish a book without a single copyright notice anywhere.  I mean, credit where credit’s due, but no more dreaded (c).  Not. Anywhere.  Nope, not in this book!

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