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How do Deal With Stupid Clowns Who Don’t Know What The Hell They’re Talking About!
by John Garrett
Rating: OMFG hilarious!

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“Have you ever tried to draw a sabre-toothed tiger from life? It’s dangerous! Not only do they try to eat you, but the dang things just won’t hold still…”

We all have stupid clowns in our life.  It’s not difficult to rattle off a few coworkers, bosses, or frenemies who fit that description.  It is difficult to laugh at them.

But Mr. Garrett manages it.

How to Deal With Stupid Clowns is a surprisingly light-hearted look at the irritating work of stupid clowns just trying to make an honest living spreading mayhem (and not get defriended on Facebook!)  Comics sprinkled throughout the text illustrate the more important, practical tips on how to deal with stupid clowns such as.

“Don’t spray stupid clowns with real-life weed killer and pesticides. It’s actually considered assault.”

Sound advice indeed.

Stupid Clowns makes light of some of the most frustrating aspects of stupid clowning, and even takes a look at the heavier political questions like what is the role of government in clown control.  It’s a bizarre read, taking an age-old question (how do we deal with stupid people?) and answering it in a new and hilarious way, laughing at life’s frustrations instead of stumbling on them.

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