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With Netkups sheltering my digital files, the jealous paperbacks are looking for a second home for themselves, too.

Not that their current home in the Amazon isn’t lovely!  Amazon is convenient, trusted, visible.  And in fact Stories About Things is still up on Amazon – both the ebook and the paperback. (did YOU get your free paperback yet? :-) )

But I can do better.

One of the major obstacles that non-traditional authors face is price.  Amazon’s CreateSpace generally handles price quite well – in fact for novels, the print-on-demand prices are quite reasonable.  But for a little book like Stories, just shy of 100 pages… well, Amazon’s POD pricing just can’t get that low.  Especially when shipping is added on.

And I can do better.

Over the summer, while mailing books out myself, I realized how much cheaper it was to buy by own books at production cost and ship them wherever I wanted using the good old USPS.  I thought it was a shame that I had to rely on Amazon to distribute the physical copies.

Hey, turns out I don’t.

Enter Gumroad (and my eternal thanks to Becka Sutton for bringing it to my attention!)

Gumroad is a service for selling things your own damn self. A haven for both digital files and physical objects, it has a simple, clean, easy design and I can price my paperback at whatever the hell I want over $1.  Technically, I could even sell it at a loss if I wanted.  Gumroad doesn’t care.

So now Stories About Things has a haven for its physical counterpart as well, both for our US friends and international ones too.

You can still use Amzon if you prefer.  You can still get your copy free if you leave a review there.  Or you can save some money and stop by Gumroad!  Come on over – door’s always open…

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