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My latest mission – and really, my ultimate mission since returning to this hemisphere – is to get my work from digital space onto shelf space.  As attached as I am to the digital realm myself, I do believe there is life for books in the spaces outside this amorphous, connected blob of info we call the internet.

There is paper.

There is ink.

There are shelves.

There are little independent bookstores that sometimes give a chance to little independent writers.

Indie books don’t generally get into bookstores.  With massive amounts of publications – often of dubious quality and price – under the “Indie” name, booksellers have a right to be skeptical.  Hence my mission to open dialogue, negotiate, and attempt to build a working relationship with bookstores to whom I would otherwise be just another no-name wannabe writer.

Since I’m bouncing around revisiting my Western New York roots, I want to focus on those shops that I know and love, and whose shelves I would be proud to have my work on.  I want to reach out and support places that have always reached out and supported the local reading and writing communities.

First on my list is Talking Leaves, Buffalo’s quirky and cozy repository of books with close ties to the college – and my alma mater’s! – community. 

So, want to help?

The challenge of this mission: Bookstores have no reason to trust me.  I’m the author, of course I’m going to promote my own book.  I’m not going to be the one buying it.  What bookstores can trust is the word of readers.  Anyone who’s enjoyed Stories About Things and is not me and drops Talking Leaves (or your own local flavor of indie booksellers!) a line letting them know about it will be doing far more than I can alone.

I’m taking one thing at a time.  One store at a time.  One city at a time.

If you want to spread the word faster and see Stories in your area, recommend it to your local indie shop.  Or just spare a word for a little Upstate shop to support a little Upstate writer.

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