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LAST Update April 28, 2013: Yeah……uh, haha just kidding about the ONE THREAD thing! Since CheapassFiction is now the ONE TUEBL BLOG to rule them all, I’ll just be updating everything TUEBL-related as regular posts!

Update Jan 20, 2013 2:20PM: Yes, new TUEBL is limping along for the day as a result of scheduled server/maintenance/mumblemumbleinsertcomputervocabularyhere work. Tomorrow will be better, so hang in there!

Update Jan 10, 2013 12:04PM: TUEBL is having server issues. Working on it!
Search trouble? Use Google: Name Of Book

Update Aug 7, 2012 9:06PM: I made a Facebook fan page: TUEBL Love!

“The Facebook has been offline for a week plus. An author filed a false (which is, ironically, illegal) DMCA request against TUEBL’s facebook page, we filed a counter notice… but we are waiting on Facebook to come back with a ruling.”  

From our librarian-in-Chief over at the new TUEBL forum

This’ll just be a fan & news page about TUEBL & I won’t post any links to people’s books so there’s ABSOLUTELY no reason to delete this one – not even an imaginary reason.  So let’s hope it stays up!  See you………..  here: 

Update Aug 6, 2012, 11:15PM: LOL I’m slow!  Looks like TUEBL.ME is responding again.


Everyone’s worried about TUEBL!

It happens periodically.

Word from the admins is this is technical problem, not a legal one.  In other words, our beloved library hasn’t been torched yet.  It’s just that our little library which had been going along just fine under the radar, has all of a sudden been stampeded by readers.

This is great!

But it means that our little library must strengthen itself to deal with the weight of so many enthusiastic readers.  Sometimes this takes a little doing.  In the mean time, I’m making this ONE page to collect all the TUEBL related whatnots floating around Cheapass Fiction, and also to have ONE place to put updates (So bookmark it so you can find your way back!) So if you’re going through TUEBL-withdrawl feel free to pull up a chair and poke around here for a bit.

Here’s the list of all the TUEBL-related discussions that have taken place here hitherto:

The Ultimate E-Book Library – On libraries and how the internet needs them.

“The internet needs a library.

The internet needs shelves to wander by and rows of spines to run your fingers over.  It needs a floor to sit on for hours between the shelves with one book, or a pile.  It needs a stern-looking librarian to keep things quiet……” The Ultimate E-Book Library – My first post specific to TUEBL.

“TUEBL, or The Ultimate E-Book Library, is the place for books.  DRM-free books.  Users can download books that they want to be able to read freely on their choice of devices.  And true to the symbiotic nature of user-driven sites, they can also upload their own DRM-free files for others to use……”

TUEBL’s First TakeDown Letter – My correspondance with author Caitlin Kittredge who’se publisher sent in a takedown request to TUEBL.  She was nice .  Didn’t try to cut my hands off a least! (some of the links in this one don’t work, as there’s been some migration of the site since then, but our correspondances are still there.)

New TUEBL makes it Easier Than Ever To Support Authors – Who says TUEBL doesn’t like authors?

“Finally, and to me most excitingly, TUEBL book pages now have a direct link to Amazon for those who want to buy the books. Why is this exciting?  Well, it’s one of the first steps towards merging a “pirate” site where you can access all the books for free with a legitimate way to support the authors that you appreciate.”

Welcome to the Flattrverse TUEBL! – Our favorite library becomes Flattrable!

“This is exciting news for those of us who want to support our local internet library.  Until recently, there were the usual options available for those who wanted to chuck a few dollars their way.  However, recently  TUEBL has faced the financial blockade that’s becoming an all-too-familiar tool against political dissidents……”

This is IT?  The Debate Wherein Author RS Mellette Goes All 50 Shades and Wants to Beat Me 😉  – Yeah, this one’s what it sounds like.  Sometimes, supporting your local library can be hazardous for your health.  This is a snippet of argument from the TUEBL conflagrations.

Or if you’re impatient, you can follow TUEBL on Twitter.

And if you’re really, really impatient, you can even follow me on Twitter!  When the TUEBL folks are busy doing important techy things, I try to keep people in the loop about the library, free culture, and all manner of Pirate awesomeness.

Until next time, keep reading & keep sharing!


6 Responses to “The One TUEBL Thread TO RULE THEM ALL!”

  1. Stephen L. Wilson

    Why do you lie? You know that TUEBL’s underhanded operations led to the take down of the facebook page. Your ILLEGAL activities will catch up to you. I have said it before – “How ya like me now?” You should look up an old school group called Whodini. In the meantime, don’t get too comfortable.

    • Scary Devil Monastery

      “Illegal” implies actions clearly defined as unlawful.

      If you have evidence of this, or reason to suspect that the law is, in fact, being broken, then kindly make a call to your nearest police station.

      If you do not have reason to suspect this is the case then what you indulged in in your previous post is, in fact, a criminal activity known as libel or defamation.

      Or is it just that you believe your personal opinion on the law is what determines who is a criminal or not? And how then should we interpret the fact that you believe anyone who dissents with your personal opinion must be a liar?

      If your other writings are in the same vein as your ill-mannered and uncohesive comment above, then I must seriously advise you to get a 9-5 job instead.

    • Rourou

      SOME libraries can and do turn you over for theft. They can issue a warrnat for your arrest. Just mail back the books.You realize that the libraries pay for these books which means you have stolen from everyone in your city. Sorry folks but it can turn into a criminal matter if the library goes to the police for theft.References :

  2. Soniatoronto

    It’s been a few days since I cannot acces tuebl, and I am worried that this wonderful site disapears. Can you come back to me to let me know that everything will be OK?
    I would realy appreciate your response!



  1. The Ultimate E-Book Library | Cheapass Fiction - Welcome to the free world of fiction.

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