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You’ve probably seen her around here before, in the comments and the Flattr Club, but this week Becka Sutton, author of the web series Dragon Wars, and The Haventon Chronicleswill be stopping in as part of a blog tour.   Having already covered Dragon languages, survival tips, and world-building at her other stops on the tour, here at Cheapass Fiction, she’ll be letting us in on her experiences with crowdfunding.

This is a great chance for us to get another point of view on that pesky how-the-hell-do-we-make-money issue, and for those of you who are tired of listening to my cheerleading for the micropayment brigade, it’s a fantastic chance to listen to someone else’s experience for once!

This tour is part of the release of Land of Myth, Book one of the Dragon Wars saga – now polished up and collected into paperback and downloadable ebook forms.

Want to get to know Becka or brush up on your Dragon-fighting skills ahead of time?  Then check out the other stops on her blog tour so far:

Guest Post on Hipster Zoe’s blog
…for some dragon attack survival tips!

World Building the Weird
…on creating non-Earth-like fantasy.

Draconic – or this really isn’t how you should do a fantasy language
…on the language that even dragons only use formally.

Interview with Becka Sutton
…the woman herself!

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