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It’s done.

I just finished the first draft of…. my NaNoWiMo novel.  Oh shut up, all you industrious WriMos that finished three and a half months ago!  I was, uh, taking my time.  Or something.  Anywhoo, point is I’m done.  It’s not all online yet, I’m still holding on to the second half to give it one more look-over before putting it out for public ridicule over at Pandamian.  But it is done.  Finally.
I want to jump right in to round two.  I want to dig my hands into rough and misshapen clay of the first draft and get down to the real work of writing: molding the raw scraps into a blindingly brilliant work of art that I can proudly put my name on.  Or something like that.  Hey, I can dream.And now…. now…. what?


Stories require space.  They require distance between writer and writing.  They require fresh eyes to see all the nicks and scratches.  My eyes have been glued to the pages of my NaNo since November 1st, and they are in desperate need of freshening up before I even attempt to jump back in.

But getting distance is hard.

I’ve got the  I-just-finished-something-wooot!  exhiliration now.  It’s a powerful high.  Remember the feeling, industrious WriMo’s?  I know it was all the way back to, like, November 30th for you, but think back and surely you can sympathize.  I’m just plain excited.  I’m excited about my story, I’m excited about it’s potential, I’m excited about having done something–at least one stage of something– from start to finish.  And I want to dive back in right now.  I want to get out the editing axe and the red ink polish and make this piece of crap shiny!  But I know better.  I know that if I wait, I’ll ultimately be able to make it even shinier.

So I’m waiting.

I’m getting some distance.

How much?  I don’t know.  However long I can make myself stay away.  Judging by the time spent away from my other projects, I’ll probably only managea couple of weeks.  We’ll see…

On the upside, there is a one-armed vampire on the wrong side of a fence who really needs his story told.  Maybe it’s time he got some attention.

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  1. Aelius Blythe

    @dribblingpensioner Thanks a bunch. And I am always up for a contest!

    edit: That was weird. Had to sign in to Facebook to post on my own blog so there’s a possibility this was a double, tripple, quadru–whatever post…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, comments have been totally f-ed up lately. Let’s see how they work this time…. And thanks for the link! I’ll probably be taking part in that.

      Nope…. comments still telling me I need to log in. Fuck wordpress.

      (Yup it’s me, not “anonymous”… at least anonymous comments are functional again.)



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