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Hey, all.

Just a quick update.  I know blogging’s been slipping through the cracks for me lately.  I’m still hard at work on Skyland.  Plus I accidentally started another book last night while pacing around my apartment–don’t ideas always come to you when you’re about bored enough to jump out a window?  Must be some sort of biological safeguard….  And speaking of new book ideas,  is it too soon to write about a story about an unbalanced 9/11 conspiracy theorist?  Aw hell, I’m probably going to go ahead and write it anyway.  I can always stick it in a box in the garage for my potential grandkids to find when I’m either too old or too dead to care about what people say about my work.

Fortunately, I’m too busy to think much about my next project while I’m hurrying to finish the current one.

Plus, there was Monday.

Yup, Monday.

Everyone knows what Monday was, right?  Riiiiiiiiiiight?  No, I’m not talking about my silver anniversary with planet Earth, but thanks for remembering.  I’m talking about the Stratfor emails, or the “Global Intelligence” files released by WikiLeaks.  It seems like we’ve been hearing about these forever!  I mean, didn’t they get hacked to bits in, like, December?  At any rate, there are, at last check 299 released (edit: now 405! Damn… shouldn’t have gone to sleep.)– so for anyone who’s been daunted by Cablegate or the growing WL archive of material, there’s not too many in this batch just yet.

As for me, these are what’s dividing my time from my fiction right now.  And I could use some company!

Yeah, I know, I know, this isn’t fiction.

And, yes, I’m talking about it anyway.

For the same reason that I talk about censorship and pirates and whatnot:  writers are the quintessential observers of society.  We see, we interpret, we record. It may be in the form of editorials, it may be in the form of fiction.   But whatever form they work in, writers should not be ignorant of their world.

Artists use lies to tell the truth.”

Therefore, truth should be our highest concern, and telling close behind.

I know that I don’t necessarily have the knowledge to distinguish important from unimportant bits of information (I like to think of myself as a pretty aware person, but I can’t say I”m overly educated on all the topics in the emails!) there are some striking things.  I may even post some of my thoughts on them.

But for now, I’m just reading.

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