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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL!

NEWEST UPDATE (1/18/2012):  They’re baaaaaack!  😀

Or at least, new servers for now.  Here’s a few quick updates on our favorite online library:

Firstly, no, it’s not just your connection that’s magically gotten speedy all of a sudden, TUEBL is fast again!  New year, new servers.  Better able to handle the thousands of bookworms that visit the library on a daily basis.

Secondly, pretty soon it won’t just be the servers that are new, the whole site is getting a makeover.  Yup,  new TUEBL is on its way.  A brand new site for the brand new servers, coming soon.  Happy 2012 everyone!  In the meantime the good-old-but-now-superfast TUEBL just hit over 7000 books, so go pick out some reading material to pass the time while you’re waiting.

And finally, if you’re still a little squeamish about free-to-all libraries invading internet space, check out the totally legit Ultimate Book Giveaway.  Entering gets you a chance to win a copy of Little Brother by Cory Doctorow–a book you’ll never have to feel bad about reading for free!

So whether you’re waiting for those New Year’s resolutions to kick in, trying to keep spirits up amid the grey of winter, or  just relaxing till the end of the world, head on over and check out the new and improved (and soon to be newer and more improved) shelves of TUEBL.

(Who says our generation doesn’t read?)

UPDATE : Yes, TUEBL has been under a DDOS attack and limping along for a little while since I posted this.  I was just there a second ago and it was working, not sure if this means they’re all good now, but the point is this is a temporary injury and they will be returning in full force soon.

For now, try http://beta.tuebl.com (this is the new TUEBL I mentioned below and mentioned in the comments, still a work in progress but apparently functional.)

5 Responses to “TUEBL News: New TUEBL!”

  1. TUEBL next gen developer

    You can play with the new tuebl right now :

    We took the same technology we already use for tormovies.org and put it for turebl :)

    Please note that this is the “in dev” version, so it WILL break, act funny, be strange, look ugly at times. And all feature are not yet in.
    So don’t report errors for this one for now, but expect it to be put in production soon :)

    • aeliusblythe

      Thanks (didn’t know if the beta version was supposed to be publicized yet) it looks great! Hope everything’s working smoothly again soon.

  2. stevenh512

    I have to thank you for this. If I hadn’t discovered your blog through your comments on falkvinge.net (which I discovered through a tech blog that I can’t remember off the top of my head.. lol) I would have no idea what TUEBL is. Definitely and interesting and useful site that I’ll be spending a lot of time looking at, especially since the selection at my local library is pretty slim (I could probably read every book on the shelves in less than a month).

    • aeliusblythe

      Always glad to spread the word about TUEBL! It’s a fearless project – and I believe necessary. I am always torn between promoting it to people for the love of books and keeping it quiet out of fear that the only reason it hasn’t been viciously attacked is that it’s just not as big a target as, say, TPB or porn sites.

      But the people behind it are fearless – so spread the word and hopefully it’ll be around for a long, long time!

      • stevenh512

        Been a while since I stopped by here, but I’ve found a lot of great books on TUEBL, some that I’ve never seen before and some that I haven’t read in years. Told my brother and his girlfriend about the site, they buy a lot of books (in addition to the ones they get for free on goodreads) and they love TUEBL more than I do. I know in just a few weeks time I’ve found quite a few books that I will be buying in paperback (as time and budget permit.. lol) because I enjoyed them. Some of those authors might never be getting my money, deferred or otherwise, if it weren’t for my “piracy” because I might have never heard of them or their books.

        In the long run, anything that makes it easier for authors to get their work into the hands of readers who might enjoy it enough to pay for it is a good thing for everyone involved. If that weren’t true, you definitely wouldn’t have authors giving away physical copies of their books at their own expense on sites like goodreads. I think some of those authors would do pretty well by uploading their books to TUEBL, too. :)


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