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I’ve been having a problem.  A writing problem.  I don’t know what to call it.  The closest description might be writer’s block.

But it’s not.

See, I don’t get writer’s block.

That’s not bragging.  It’s just true.  When I started writing seriously–and telling people that I was writing seriously–I immediately found myself confronted by that dreaded question everyone asks writers:  Where do you get your ideas?   To quote Neil Gaiman’s answer to the persistant question:  “I make them up. Out of my head.  ”  Ideas are never the problem.

See, I daydream.

Ok, everyone daydreams.  Not doing so probably means you’re dead.  Or asleep having real dreams. But I daydream a lot.  And I pay attention to them.  Maybe it’s a consequence of being socially awkward.  Maybe it’s a consequence of the monotony of life.  Maybe it’s the way we’re born–either dreamers or not.

Either way.

The point is, having things to write is never the problem.

The problem is there are just too many things to write about.

That’s not bragging either.  It’s just true.   I have ideas.  All the time.  I know exactly what to write.

On 6 different chapters.

On 3 major projects.

On 2 minor projects.

On my blog.

And it goes on.

And when that’s all rattling around in my head, I usually end up staring blankly at the screen, frozen, unable to decide what to do first.  Sometimes I go make tea, because I might as well be caffeinated if I have a lot to do.  Sometimes I end up at Twitter, because I might as well keep up with people who are doing things in the world if I can’t can’t manage to do anything.  Sometimes I end up in the shower, because I might as well be clean if I’m not living up to the writer stereotype of typing away madly and forgetting hygiene and food and the world.

And it goes on.

All in all, the days when I have ideas are the days when nothing gets done.

Please, send me some writer’s block so I can get some work done!

Oh, and I couldn’t think of a picture to go with this post so I used a picture of a monkey.  You’re welcome.

7 Responses to “The Obligatory Writer’s Block Post”

  1. A.M.Harte

    I get this, too. My solution is to schedule everything in — Writing a schedule frees my mind from deciding what to work on first and I don’t freeze.

    Yes, this means I have novels scheduled into my writing calender for the next, oh, 5 years or so… but hey! At least I can rest assured that I won’t forget anything I want to write :-)

    • aeliusblythe

      I’m trying to do that. What usually stops me is the “But I want to work on it NOW” response. But of course that’s invalid because when I try to work on everything NOW, I end up working on nothing!

  2. silvershadowfly

    Although it is literally money that makes the world go round, ideas come first. Too many ideas spoil the broth… not cooks. And so the list of clichéd expressions continue to cycle through the mind along with the ideas.

    Then you just get confused. :)

    Maybe writer’s block isn’t really a block at all, it’s just confusion over the many ideas in our brain.

    Are you confused yet? I am!

    Great post, Aelius. Come back to the forum, maybe you’ll get some writer’s block there. 😀

    • aeliusblythe

      Heading over there! I’ve been letting myself slide away from most of the writing communities I’m a part of, just because of all the work I have to do–I miss them! :-( Perhaps being around other writers would help . . .



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