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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL!

Maybe it’s the holidays, maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s the mid-season break in all the good TV shows, but people are looking for books to curl up with this winter.  And they’re looking for TUEBL, the Ultimate E-Book Library.  TUEBL-related searches (often landing people here, since I’m always going on about it) have gone way, way up in the last week or so.  And it seems people are worried again.  “TUEBL slow”, “TUEBL not-working” and the like have shown up quite a bit in this site’s top searches over the last week.

It’s OK.

The good news is all these delays will soon be worth it as the TUEBL team works to make this awesome (in scope and nature) online library  even more awesome. In their own words:

To all my friends who use The Ultimate Ebook Library, I am sorry for the horrible speeds that you are facing. The holiday have made what were already unacceptable speeds even worse. That said, we are adding a third server which is a caching server and that will greatly reduce the load on the servers and should make it much faster. Thanks for using TUEBL.

So hang in there TUEBLers and TUEBLettes!  Librarians have holidays too, remember.  Good thing for us they choose to spend their holidays working on the best free source of ebooks on the internet.  TUEBL 2012 is going to be epic.  If you want to help that happen, take a look at their (quite modest) fundraising page.  Otherwise, sit back, relax and wait for the “Ultimate” part of The Ultimate E-Book Library.

Meanwhile, I’ll be working on a bunch of TUEBL-related posts here at Cheapass Fiction.  This is because in addition to the “what’s wrong with TUEBL?” type of searches, I also get a lot of  “how do I use TUEBL” type of searches.  I may not be much of a technical expert (read: not at all) but I’ve managed to find my way around the library pretty well, and would like to pass on the knowledge to other non-technical experts.  So while the librarians are busy making it a better site for everyone, I’ll be doing my part to make the ultimate site for books more accessible for everyone.

Any questions you have, drop ’em in the comments so I can work on posts that are useful for everyone.

7 Responses to “TUEBL: The Ultimate E-Book Library To Get More Ultimate!”

  1. Boshek

    Thanks for still running TUEBL and for improving search! (Now you will have MORE searches!)

  2. Jim Moss

    Hello tuebl what a awsome sight are you still having problems i use Bookbazar for my books tuebl is the most awsome sight with so many books but i cannot download at the moment as the sight wont let me in

  3. Mary Anne

    I read 4 books then got a message saying that there was a problem so I should check the logs, which I do not know how to do. Now I am getting pages of script which I assume is code (?). Please help me get Tuebl.ca back!

    • Jane Piorkowski

      Would love to get back the Tuebl site. Any idea when it will again be available? Please let me know when I can next use it. Thank you.

  4. Kelly

    I have been using tubel site for quite a while ann now I am having trouble getting on it HELP



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