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December is a month of endings.

For me, this has meant drawing to an end the projects, drafts, and experiments of 2011: namely, the remaining threads of my fling with the short story, and this year’s NaNoWriMo draft.  These projects, I told myself at the beginning of December, will be behind me by 2012.  Well, 2012’s almost here and they’re still squarely in front of me.  But hope is not lost. I’ve been struggling to squeeze in blogging time this month precisely because I’ve been neck deep in these projects, so hope is high that they’ll be wrapped up by New Years.

Here’s an update on what’s been going on behind the blog these last few weeks:

Brave New World 

This is the collection of stories about life in the digital world. Currently at about 3700 words, it will probably end at about 5000. Each story is no more than 1000 words (and most are much shorter.)  But for anyone who’s ever written flash fiction, you know that shorter does not mean easier.  And since this is part of my farewell to the short form, I am working hard to make these stories presentable so I can truly move past them and make noveling the focus of my 2012.  (I mean, if the world’s going to end, we might as well do what we like, right?)


My NaNoWriMo runt, Skyland, is currently at about 20,000 words–or 20,000 words posted, anyway–a number that I hope that will double by the end of the month. However, since the end of NaNoWriMo, I’ve returned to my usual non-linear style of writing–which means most of the unposted 20,000 words are scattered about in random places along the storyline.  I will continue to post as the gaps are filled in.  But for the moment I’m focusing more on finishing the damn thing rather than presenting it prettily to an audience.  And for me, finishing means working on it like a sculpture by crafting pieces here and there until they form a whole, rather than working on it like a braid that starts at one end and ends at the other.  Some people are braiders.  Some people are sculptors.  I’ve learned to accept it and work with the hope that my sculptures, though they may just look like hunks of clay now, will one day be aesthetically appealing figures. Hey, a girl can dream.


Because these ARE works-in-progress, feedback is priceless.  Therefore, in the holiday spirit I’m offering the special gift of my eternal gratitude to anyone who leaves a comment or review as this will greatly help me in bringing draft-version WIPs to finished products.   So if you’re trying to avoid those overly-cheery relatives over the holidays, or you’ve had just a little too much champagne/wine/eggnog feel free to slouch on over on over to Pandamian or Smashwords, have a read, and let the interwebz know what you really think. If you don’t have enough to say to fill up a review, just tweet it.  You get my gratitude either way.

Positive or negative.

Feedback is feedback.


I can take it.

Have a nice End of December!

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