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Several actually.

Two weeks and two days after Pay A Blogger Day, here are my reflections on it.  After two weeks passed, I was going to slink away in shame rather than post this embarrassingly late  report, but on December 12th, the Flattr folk posted their recap of Pay A Blogger Day.  And, hey, if they can get away with posting a little late, I think I can too!

So how did I celebrate?

Well, having maxed out the 50 euro/month limit on direct donations, I celebrated November 29th by increasing my regular Flattring amount – making each click worth more.  I actually changed the amount several times during the day as I found more Flattr buttons to click and wanted to make sure everyone got a bigger slice of the cake.

Just the fact that I could do this reminded me why I love Flattr so much.  You can increase (or decrease) the donation amount for all the sites you support with one click.    You just can’t do that with most donation systems.  Of course, you can do that every day with Flattr, but on Pay A Blogger Day, this flexibility came in really useful as I tried to give as much as I could to as many as I could.

But more than just being convenient for me, Pay A Blogger Day showed me why I really love Flattr.  Yes, it is easy.  Yes, it is flexible.  But most importantly, it allows me to do what I’ve always wanted to do, but never been able to-support the sites I love.  The amounts of money I can give range from 4 – 50 euros. No, that’s not very much at all.


I think about all the sites, blogs, forums that I’ve enjoyed but was never able to give anything to.

I think about every time one of the sites I loved asked for support and I just couldn’t fit them in.  It’s a little support but it goes to a lot more people.  And it’s better than nothing.    How many sites do you support?  How many sites do you love?  Those numbers have never been equal for me, and I’d gather they’re not equal for most people.  They still aren’t equal now, but they’re getting a hell of a lot closer.

So who did I invite to the party?

Well, mostly my favorite authors from the Flattr Club (I stickied that post for a reason–there are some great flattrable authors out there!  And please keep letting me know if I’ve missed anyone.)  But, I also couldn’t help Twitter-Flattring a couple of my favorite users on Twitter

Litopia –  Litopia is a great writing community started by agent Peter Cox in the UK.  I don’t even go there–or to any writing forums–very much anymore due to the demands of my own writing, and when I do show up I lurk creepily in the corners.  But it’s nevertheless an awesome place.  Great people, great writing help, great insights.  They could really use some Flattr love.

Pirate Party of New York – Yes that’s right, the best state now comes with pirates!  And NYPP seriously needs to get a Flattr button because it is killing me that I can’t be there right now helping them out.  Wondering why I’m such a loudmouth about pirate politics?  I’ve got to shout all the way to the other side of the world.  :-(  I will find a way to get back home and support these guys AFK.  For now, all I can do is flattr away.

I know these clicks may end up going nowhere, but I still maintain that showing appreciation is never a waste–if enough people do it, perhaps something will come of it all.  

After reading the Flattr people’s recap of the day, I’ve got a bit to say about how they did on the whole thing.  But that will have to wait until tomorrow, when hopefully I’ve gotten some much needed work and sleeping done…

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