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One of the most entertaining spots on the WordPress dashboard for me is the “Top Searches” area, where you can see what people were looking for when they landed on your site.  Helpful, sometimes funny, and always educational.

Here are some things I’ve learned from my Top Searches:

1. People are curious/excited/worried about/confused by TUEBL.

Ever since I wrote about this site has been flooded by people looking for info on The Ultimate E-Book Library.  Most often I get searches like “TUEBL down” or “TUEBL not working” Even now when it’s been back up for a while.  I also get “TUEBL how to download books,” “TUEBL can’t download books” and things like “TUEBL legal.”

Sidenote #1:  No body “took over” tuebl (yes, this has been in the searches as well)  As I undertand it, there was a peaceable transfer of responsibility.

UPDATE: So, TUEBL has in fact been taken over.  But the point is it was a peaceful maneuver done to protect the previous owner, not a bitter coup or power struggle.  See comments.

Side note #2:  Here’s a video about using TUEBL + Calibre

Sidenote #3 re: the video in sidenote #2:  Calibre =  Cali-bree?? Have I been pronouncing this wrong this whole time?

2.  Everybody’s worried about our boy Gottfrid.

Where the hell is this guy?

“Gottfrid Svartholm Warg”, “Where is Gottfrid Svartholm Warg,” “Gottfrid Svartholm sick”  and the like have been on my search list since I posted about his sentence being finalized several weeks ago. In case you don’t know, this is the Pirate Bay founder who went missing before his appeal last year and was last known to be in a hospital in Cambodia.

Let me say I really hope this guy’s not dead.  The writer in me worships the Pirate Bay founders for–if nothing else–their witty and cutting way with words.  Wish I could write like these guys.

3. People can’t navigate the NaNoWriMo site.

Throughout the month of November, “Rules of NaNoWriMo” was one of the top searches.  While I’d like to think they’re just trying to locate my own “rules” (fashion and otherwise) for NaNo, I’m pretty sure the majority of them are looking for the genuine NaNoWriMo guidelines.

This is perplexing. It’s pretty straight forward, not really sure where the confusion is here…

Important lesson of month: People like NaNoWriMo, TUEBL, and missing pirates.

3 Responses to “How do People Find You? Things I learn from the Top Searches”

  1. Travis McCrea

    On TUEBL Stuff:
    Technically it was a “take over”, the previous owner no longer has involvement with the site and all assets and property of TUEBL do belong to me now. That being said, it was peaceful and I was doing it to protect the previous owner.

    That’s a great video, I need to put it up on TUEBL

    No it’s Cali-Ber (like a gun).

    Glad we can be such a major source of readers for you :)

    • aeliusblythe

      Thanks for the clarification. And good to know it WAS peaceful and done for the right reasons. Seems people are curious.

      And yeah, thanks for the readers! :-)

  2. Sparky

    Random: “re” is almost always pronounced the same way as “er” (metre, centre, calibre). It’s usually Canadian spelling as an “re”.


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