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No, really.  We don’t do this for the money.

November 29th is Pay a Blogger Day.

As a poor writer who looks forward every day to coming home from work, staying up late into the night, and waking up early to blog, I can say with some authority we do not do it for the money.  Day in and day out tons of bloggers dedicate  their time, energy, money, and most importantly their passion to bringing words, pictures, and news to the netizens for free. I myself follow half a dozen blogs on a daily basis and another one or two dozen pretty frequently.  They help me stay up to date, interpret and talk out the news, encourage me in my professional pursuits, and sometimes just give me a laugh.

And they do it all without asking for a cent.  Lets show some appreciation for that.

If you need some ideas, the Flattr Club is my growing list of easily-donated-to writers and bloggers.  But you don’t need me to tell you what you like enough to show your appreciation for!   Just go for it.  Buy that web comic t-shirt you’ve been eyeing for the last year.  Subscribe to the extra episodes of that web serial you’ve been following.  Sign up for Flattr and put a couple euros in the pockets of the countless writers and artists who co-author the pages of the internet.

It’s just one day.

November 29th.

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