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Yup, we’ve got a club!  Since, you know, this morning when I decided to start one.

So what the flattr am I talking about?  Just this: my list of writers and writing-related stuff that is Flattrable.  Finding material on Flattr can be kind of intimidating.  There are a lot of “things,” blogs and people and sites–some active, some not.  It’s a lot to wade through.  This is my attempt to simplify the process for others and for myself.  Of course, I’m keeping my eye out for fiction, but amusing and enlightening bloggers will be included too, because, hey, we’re all writers.

Note: some of these don’t have descriptions yet.  This doesn’t mean that they’re not as awesome.  It just means it’s Thanksgiving and something’s boiling on the stove, or burning in the oven.  I thought it was better to add the names now instead of waiting till all the dishes are done and the food coma’s settling in.  Descriptions will come soon.

Flattr Writers:

Becka Sutton

Becka writes the massively long YA Fantasy series, Dragon Wars (seriously, I don’t know how she’s still going–massively impressive!) and the less massive series TheHaventon Chronicles.

Catherine Ryan Howard

Having successfully published a book about  “Space Shuttle launches, humidity-challenged hair, Bruce Willis, the Ebola virus and an Irish girl working in Walt Disney World” she’s filled her blog with commentary on a self-published writerly life.

Claire King

For the more traditionally inclined, a blog of a commercially published author with, among other things, some great posts on the craft of writing.  (VERY exciting to see one of these with a Flattr button!)

Douglas Lucas 

Douglas has just a couple of stories up, but their major quality makes up for their small number.  Take a look at  The First Death of 2057 and Glenn of Green Gables.

Frankie Sachs

Writer of the serial novel, True North, the One Hundred Portraits project (<— read some of these, really cool stuff!), and other stories and poems.

Jack Andrew Urquhart

“A blog on writers & writing, Indie writing/tricks-of-the-trade, politics, parenting, running, and on being human (and in my case, Gay)”

Jane Alexander

… who has written “an obscene number of non-books” on mind, body, spirit well-being. (<—-  I could totally use this right now!)

Marcus Speh

Only read one post so far,

Neroli (full name is…?)

I don’t know who this person is, but their Before California  stories are a good read.

Sylvia Petter

“All over the place in the space of a mind: rants, raves and ruminations, my pix, blogbooks and writing news.”

Tom Dillon

Writer of theBroken Shores stories, and others up at Pawnstorm.net.

*note: Stories have Flattr buttons, blog does not (or I’m blind.)

Flattr Writers via Twitter

*These writers aren’t yet on Flattr, but you can spread Flattr love via Twitter too.  Donations don’t go anywhere until someone claims them, but what the hell–no harm in trying, right?*


See that pink badge in the left sidebar of this page?  Lafemmeroar is the WordPress blogger behind the Crazy Chicks Club, the Crazy Freaks Club and a hell of a lot of other crazy, freaky and funny stuff.  Flattr her here.

Romi Moondi

Romi Moondi blogs about her life as an indie writer–and a good one at that!  Flattr her here.


Are you part of the Flattr club?  Do you want to be part of the Flattr club?  Are any of your favorite online writers part of the club?

Drop me a line here or on Twitter or whatever–let me know so I can welcome the new members!

21 Responses to “Flattr Club!”

  1. Anna

    I’m not part of anything like that, but I do remember joining the political ‘Let’s Have A’ Party when I was about 15. It had a squirrel as a mascot. I’m pretty sure that was the thing that enticed me. Plus, my best friend had made it up so I was kind of compelled to join.

    Woah. That was pretty off-topic.

    Ahem. In conlusion therefore, I hope it takes off for you too :)

    • aeliusblythe

      Glad to hear it!
      My goal is to make Flattr more approachable for all the readers, writers, bloggers for whom, I do think, it can be rather befuddling at times…. (I was totally clueless at fist–and I won’t lie, it took me a while to get a clue.)

    • Edge

      NikkiWell done with the award. I know I don’t get much chance to surf your blog but you are awalys the first place I look for new innovations. I am finally teaching Scratch to year 7 students and would like to know if there are any work books out there. I have a work book which create a simple PacMan game which the students love. I wondered if there were any others and I thought you might know where to look.A great site. Keep up the great workKevin TiernanEx-Leading ICT Teacher Urban Swale, Kent.Ps. All my students have Wii Me, created by myavatareditior . (thanks)

  2. exmoorjane

    I LOVE the concept of Flattr – just hope more people start using it… I come across so many great blogs, images, music and would be great to let those people know I really like it – as opposed to just clicking a ‘like it’ button or leaving a ‘wow’ comment. As a blogger myself I never expected to be paid but, seeing as paid journalism is going down the pan, some flattry would be wonderful!

    • aeliusblythe

      That is the problem, isn’t it? Like any network the difficulty is finding people to be a part of it. There are so many writers I’d love to flattr, but can’t. I try to suggest it whenever I can and urge creators to join–after all most blogs don’t make anything at all, so it is hardly hurting them to put up a button. Many people may just flick me off their shoulder like a fly, but the hope is that one or two will listen. Then maybe one or two more.

      Spread the word!

  3. Claire King

    What a brilliant idea! It’s great to see a list of people with flattr all together, at the moment it’s so hard to find them. Keep adding the button, bloggers!

  4. Tom Dillon

    Thanks for the plug, and great site!

    In addition to my Broken Shores stories, I also have Flattr-able fiction up at http://pawnstorm.net (shameless, I know). And no, the blog posts don’t have flattr buttons yet, but I will probably start adding them.



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