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Further on the topic of me being a moronI completely missed the publication of my own guest post, November is Cold, over at Fiction Brigade.  I guess a lot of things are slipping my mind in the mad dash to the NaNoWriMo finish line!

Take a look…

November is Cold

NaNoWriMo sucks.

That’s right.

Writing 50,000 words in a month may be a walk in the park for the romance writer who turns out four books a year or the daily columnist who can sleep-write 1500 words before an 8am deadline. For everyone else, there’s sleep loss, stress, hunger pains… more

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  1. live60

    Perhaps my best answer to this post is to refer you to my last post where you ask, “Where have the last ten days gone?” I’ve been trying to get back to the serious business of writing for the last month, but I dread the addiction and the time warp affect of coming back out of the black hole it sucks me into. But like any addiction, somewhere inside I love the disease, the Anorexia that comes with it, the total euphoria of it all. It’s my hope, Aelius, that you enjoy writing as much as I do.



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