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 The Ultimate E-Book Library, or TUEBL, is now Flattrable!

This is exciting news for those of us who want to support our local internet library.  Until recently, there were the usual options available for those who wanted to chuck a few dollars their way.  However, recently  TUEBL has faced the financial blockade that’s becoming an all-too-familiar tool against political dissidents.

Despite no criminal charges having been filed against their site (right?), they have had their accounts shut down.  It’s WikiLeaks all over again.  Except instead of a bad-tempered Australian pantsing powerful governments, we have mild-mannered librarians keeping the shelves of the internet tidy and stocked.

Far from been charged, TUEBL has only received one takedown letter that did not even originate from the copyright holder in question (who is actually very nice by the way!)  Our good librarians were cordial and cooperative, requesting additional material proving the validity of the letter writer’s claim.  That material was never received and as far as I can tell the matter has not been pursued.

And yet.


Are payment systems now our police force?  Our prosecutors?  Our judges and juries?  And our jailers too?  To all appearances, they are.  If they can accuse, pursue and punish those they disagree with outside the traditional judicial system, then they are all of those things.

Too bad for them, not everyone’s a political tool.

As I mentioned in my WikiLeaks post, Flattr is one of the few companies that’s stood up to illegal pressure against peaceful organizations for their political views. I don’t know if the people at Flattr agree with TUEBL’s philosophy, but they apparently agree with  people’s right to decide what philosophy they want to support.

So by Flattring TUEBL, you support two great organizations.

But again, this is not a Flattr plug (I’ll save those for other posts…)  No.  This is a TUEBL plug.  Why? Because libraries are important.  And they are in danger.

This library needs our help.  

They’ve got mine.  Yeah, that’s right.  I know what free culture means.  And right now, it means my support is guaranteed.

How many of your favorite authors did you discover in a library?  How many books did you fall in love with before you ever paid a cent for them?  How much did you learn outside a bookstore?

Think about it.  Then think about it being wiped away.

Keep TUEBL Alive.  Please.

8 Responses to “Welcome to the Flattrverse, TUEBL!”

  1. live60

    I’m assuming TUEBL will die on the vine since it has a very low ranking where relevance is concerned. Not a real player in other words. But cutting off the financial avenues is not a new practice where thieves and pirates are concerned.


    • aeliusblythe

      You are welcome to your speculations as I am welcome to mine. And I speculate that they will be around so long as people around the world support them. For me, I will support them as long as they are around, so you see how that works out . . .

  2. live60

    Sorry, I don’t see it ever getting traction. It has all the key elements of third graders with a lemonade stand.


    • aeliusblythe

      Except that these third graders have the ability to copy the lemonade, ship it all over the world instantaneously and for free. And they get over 1000 “customers” a day. It’s not the Pirate Bay, but it’s one hell of a lemonade stand.

      We shall see.

  3. Travis McCrea

    @live60 Your claim seems to be baseless. maybe I am just looking at it from the wrong perspective… but we are getting 2,000 unique hits a day on average. That is not a small number of people.

    We are the largest library of our kind and our sister website TorMovies flirts on the alexa top 100,000 list.

    The website is a bit lackluster right now, we are aware of that… That’s why we are releasing version 2.0 soon which will be faster and simpler.



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