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Looking for rules 1, 2, and 3?  Or 4, 5, and 6?


Count up, not down.

There’s a reason why numbers go from 1 to 2 to 3 to…

Looking at the days left until the end of November or the words left to write is depressing. Look at what you’ve already done.  Remember, if you write one word, that’s one word more than what you had before.



Stop Cooking

Really.  Just  don’t even try it.  Unless you’re a chef and cooking is the way you make a living or the way you relax. (Crazy, I know!  Some people juggle geese.)  Otherwise you’ll likely be far too preoccupied to notice things like the smell of charred dinner rising from the oven or the sound of the smoke detector.  (No, that shrill beeping is not in your head, unless of course it is… The plastic disk on the ceiling, beeping incessantly, refused to silence itself. But such a little thing was so easily ignored… )

There are plenty of foods that don’t require cooking.  Fruits are good for sugar cravings, vegetables are good for crunching–plus when they get caught in your teeth you might be forced to stand up to retrieve some floss; this is good for your circulation.  Try going raw, whole foods for a while.  It’s a thing, I swear.  Unless you particularly like eating the charred stuff off the bottom of the pan, just step away from the stove for a month.  You’ll survive.




We all love those endless cups of tea that keep November so cozy and hydrated.  But as with cooking, boiling water is a hazard in times of literary abandon.  Anything that involves a flame or some form of heat doesn’t go well with anything that involves abandoning reality for a while.  If you have an electric tea kettle or other water-boiling appliance, either get in the habit of writing in the kitchen or find an outlet closer to your regular writing spot to plug the damn thing into.

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  1. live60

    Unlike your suggestion, Aelius, I use cooking to force me up and keep the circulation going. But, I try to cook things where there are plenty of meals to follow. Like today, It’s a big pot of soup. But I agree that keeping food simple saves a lot of time. Breakfast for me today was a couple pieces of toast and a glass of milk. Lunch will be an apple and cheese. Supper will be a quick fried hamburger with the usual pickles, onions, catsup, mustard, cheese and chips. And, at 5′ 11″ I easily maintain my 145 pounds and get vast amounts of writing and other projects done. But, I gave up marathon meals for a life.



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