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NaNo-wooot!  (read: yes, I’m going to be talking about this every day until November starts.  It’s been two years, cut me some slack!)

So. I’m excited.


This year, I’m a rebel.

What’s a NaNoWriMo rebel?  We’re the ones who don’t really follow the rules.  We make up our own rules.  Some people write non-fiction books, some people do graphic novels, some people rewrite books they’ve already written, and some people like me build on something they’ve already done.

No, we’re not cheaters.  We’re rebels.  It’s a thing, I swear.  We’ve even got our own sections of the forum.

So what is my rebellion?

My rebellion is a story.  A short story.  A short story that I wrote last year for a competition.  It didn’t get anywhere, and reading it over months later I can see that the writing is still quite rough.  But the story . . . I just can’t leave it behind.  It continued in my mind after the “submit” button was hit on my competition entry.  All summer it was coming out in rough notes and  plot doodles while I focused on other projects.  I want this story.  I feel like I already know it.  Like it’s already done and just needs to get on the page.  And that hasn’t happened to me since my first manuscript, (still being dusted off and polished up.)

This short story that will now be Chapter 1.

What does this mean?

This means I will write 50,000 words in November.

This means I will write 50,000 new words.

This means I will not modify or edit or add to Chapter 1.  Modifications and edits and add-ons are for December.

Rebels and patriots are closer to each other than you think.  And I don’t feel too bad about my rebellion.  But why rebel against our beloved NaNo doctrine?

For me, it’s because I’m more serious about my writing this year.  I’ve written a few short stories, some of which you can see here, some of which I’m putting together for collections.  But my real desire is to be a novelist, and I’ll do what I need to to get there.  And what I need isn’t more practice writing first drafts.  I’ve got that down.  I don’t need practice coming up with ideas.  I’ve got more ideas than I could possibly use in a lifetime and there’s more coming.

I need to work on the story I’m passionate about.  I need to work on putting into novel format a story that I believe in.

That is of course not to suggest NaNo participants aren’t serious about their writing.  Many of them are, evidenced by–if nothing else–the fact that several NaNo novels have been published, and that several of these published authors continue to throw themselves, year after year, into this noveling madness.

This is just how I need to work.  And I don’t want to lose a single month on my current project.

Yes, this is not how November is supposed to work.  This is how my November will work.

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  1. Sara

    I wish I was a rebel but I’m inherently pretty much unrebellious. I think the spirit of NaNo is with you; the point is to write and love writing!



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