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Yes, I know I already have a “Current Reading” sticky up.  Thing is, my full current reading list is pretty damn long. So I wanted to make a post for the books I’m particularly excited about.  And because reading alone is fun but sitting and having no one to talk to about reading is sad and lonely, I want to extend the opportunity for you guys to join me in my reading.

So here are the two books I’m really excited about right now:

A Slider Tumbling by Anna Scott Graham

“During the 2009 World Series, Summer Caravella mourns her late ex-husband, their youngsters still reeling from his death. When Summer invites old flame Dan Bailey for game two, more than baseball is shared. Summer’s kids respond favorably, but not all the dead man’s friends appreciate the last man to see Jody Sims alive.”

Just picked up this one today after stumbling across a link @ NaNoWriMo.  It’s a cheap one at 2.99 on Smashwords, but for the next two days it is FREE  with the code on her website. (It’s free through game 4 of the World Series, which Google was kind enough to tell me takes place on October 23rd.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.)  So if you want to join me on this one now would be the time.

I’m not usually a sports-book person (or a sports-anything person) so I’m taking a chance on this one. I’ve only got a couple pages into this so not a whole lot has happened and I can’t tell if it’s going to keep me going. But I’m really enjoying the writing, which is why I’m recommending it.  It has a professional sound to it, so far avoiding some of the awkwardness that cheap fiction often has.

Not Love Poems for Real Life by Romi Moondi

“Thirty years.
Thirty poems.
Not that each poem covers off each year of the author’s life, as that would mean she was searching for love by age one (only a cyborg baby would possess such advanced comprehension.)
Besides they’re not even all about her. Actually it’s all fiction. Okay then.
So fine, thirty NOT love poems that relate to real life.
These poems exist because the real poets skipped them. All the frogs you had to kiss, and what about the times when you were someone else’s frog? The mistake that made them choose someone else? That’s always fun.
From teenage pursuits to hot men in suits to Internet mishaps and everything in-between.”

I’m LOVING this book right now.  And I normally hate any non-Middle-Earth-related poetry.This one’s  $0.99 on Kindle so it was well within my price range.  Each poem is so bizarre and unexpected and awkward and makes me laugh out loud, or go “huh,” or go “aw” or cringe a little.  Take a look:

Hazardous Liquids
Run through the forest,
Gasping for breat;
He pushes me down,
We laugh and take a rest.

I’m eight years old now,
And for once I can feel it;
A boy I could like,
Cooties-free, on this field trip.

We walk through the woods,
With the rest of the class;
Our teacher points out,
Where to look for the sap.

We cook all the liquid,
And wait for the syrup;
Free rounds of fruit punch,
It’s so good, I love sugar.

The car pool is here,
And I’m with the boys mother;
I sit in the back,
Next to him and another.

The drive takes forever,
And something feels wet;
It leaks and it trickles,
I just pissed my pants.

I mean, forget assonance and synecdoche and all those other weird concepts, your English teachers told you belonged in poetry. Poems with “I just pissed my pants” lines are so much more fun.  I’ve only got a handful of poems into this book so far (so you still have time to catch up!)  Some are funny, some are sad, some are nostalgic.  So far, they’ve all been enjoyable.

So, any takers?  Anyone going to keep me company?

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  1. Anna

    I keep adding and adding books to a list of them that I need to get! It seems a bit endless, good job Christmas is just round the corner… 😀

    • aeliusblythe

      Oh yeah, my Christmas is going to be one giant Read-A-Thon. I’ve found myself reading shorter and shorter pieces just to fit them in around work and everything. Maybe the internet will be the rebirth of the novella!

  2. Travis McCrea

    Just a heads up, new TUEBL will feature a main bookclub for everyone, and then secondary book clubs that anyone can join. Perhaps you want to help us manage our main book club?



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