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Mostly I review free stuff.
However, since the name of this blog is Cheap Ass Fiction, rather than Free Ass Fiction, I decided to dip my toes into the into the realm of book buying.
Veins is only 4.99, so it’s not too bad.
I thought it was worth the price.  Read on. . .


by Drew

Genre:  Um . . . um, next question please?

Warnings:  This book is totally inappropriate for prudes.

Rating for Story: I really, really like it   

Rating for Writing: Takes some getting used to

(Where are the stars?)

“For my whole life I’ve had 0 friends, or 1 friend, which sounds sad.  But in binary, that’s all of them.”

M.R, aka Veins, is supposed to tell the story of how Wendy’s burned down.  It starts back in high school with a bad school picture, an unfortunate nickname, and a habit of crawling around in the lavatory ceiling listening to girls pee . . .

Veins is the story of how everything that could ever go wrong does go wrong.  Ever read Candide, Voltaire’s satire of optimism? It’s like that. Just like that, except more uncomfortable and sadder because it’s not so far removed from our time.  Some things are funny, some things are tragic, some things are just so awkward it makes you look up when you’re reading in a cafe to make sure no one’s reading over your shoulder.

The writing is weird.  Those familiar with traditional writing style will probably scoff at Veins.   Reading it felt like reading a blog.  It’s all “I’m going to tell you about what happened,”  which in traditional fiction is called something like “All tell and no show.”  But Veins totally works it.  It’s so concise and so shocking that pretty soon the weirdness of the storytelling fades into the background and all you remember is that this is like the weirdest, most f-ed up blog you’ve ever read.  And that it’s awesome.

As with most web fiction, Veins tells a story in a unique way that can’t necessarily be assessed by looking through the lens of the same-old, same-old story telling mode we’re used to.  (For another example of off beat storytelling that works see We are become pals, I talked about it a while ago. . . )  If you can let go of that lens and just enjoy a weird story, then I highly recommend it.

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  1. Lafemmeroar

    Thanks for sharing this. Your critique intrigues me especially when you said “The writing is weird.” Now that’s my kind of reading :)


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