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“Free to ALL”

Libraries–remember them?

Remember those places where we could sit and read for hours, unbothered, in the summer just for the air conditioning or after school because going home was just boring?  Remember?

I want to write about libraries.  I set out to write on one in particular.  But, truth be told, all libraries are in the same boat–the sinking one.  So when I went to write about one, I had to write about them all.  Why do we fear them?  When did we start to see libraries as a threat?  When did we forget the after-school days, the summer days spent in the air conditioning, the shelves upon shelves of stories all open to us?

When did libraries become something to be feared?  Something to be eradicated?

I’m not ready to let them die.  And I’m sure as hell not ready to let them be stamped out.  Not here.  Not in my world, not in yours.

Get ready for it.  This is the library series.

Day 1: The Ultimate E-Book Library

One Response to “The Library: It’s Death and Resuscitation”

  1. Lafemmeroar

    The library was my go to place after school when I was a tween decades ago. Sadly you’re right that libraries may soon become extinct in our society. I truly hope not. There is something wonderful about walking down an aisle full of books that other people have read and returned. I used to like checking the date stamps on the books and wondered about the people who read the books.


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