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Hey guys,

I’m on an author hunt.  Interviewing webfiction authors for the webfic festival was fun.  Reading the different answers was thought-provoking.  And after all, one part of a community is communication, spreading the word, and spreading the advice and the experience of the elders.  So I’m on a mission.  I’m on a mission to hunt down the most interesting web fiction writers and drag–er–invite them to answer some questions for us here.

So far I’ve been successful in tracking down Joey Comeau who has kindly said he would answer questions.  If you remember, I couldn’t find Joey in time for the festival, I but I featured him anyway because, well, he’s just that cool.  Joey writes cool stuff like the novels Lockpick Pornography, Bible Camp Bloodbath, and the web serial We are become palsWe are become pals has become one of my absolute favorite webfics.  It’s super-short, super-disturbing and pretty damn funny.  It looks something like this:

The next time they rested, Jane went around behind the bench and put Helen in the sleeper hold. A group of school kids watched Helen struggle, laughing, and then slump down, and fall off the bench. At first Jane thought she was faking. She kicked Helen’s leg, and Helen sat back up.

“Did you pass out?” Jane said.

“No,” Helen said. She looked around in confusion. “Wait. What?” she said.

Jane smiled at the kids, who were all still staring, and one of them pointed. Two policemen were headed their way.

“Shit. Get up,” Jane said. “We’re done for.”

“What’s this?” the tall policeman said, as Helen climbed to her feet.

“It’s okay officer,” she said. “We’re best friends!”

“You didn’t look like best friends two seconds ago,” the policeman said.

“No, no, it’s okay,” Jane said. “We’re from Canada.”

“Yeah,” said Helen. “That’s how we show affection.”

“At hockey games and things,” Jane said.

We are become pals, chapter 13

Now if I can get around to thinking up some good questions and emailing them along, hopefully we’ll be hearing from Joey at some point.

My next target after that is Nina Paley, authoress and illustratress of Mimi and Eunice cartoons.  Ok, ok, so it’s web comics–but that’s fiction right?  Well, fiction with a hell of a lot of truth in it, but still.    She does stuff like this:

i'm suing you for stealing my clients potential income / that makes potential sense / here's a potential hundred million dollars

Mimi and Eunice “So much Potential”

So you can probably see why I like her.  And yeah, I just copy-pasted that.  But you know what?  It’s okay because Nina Paley is awesome:

Mimi and Eunice “Permission”

So now the big questions:

Who do you want to hear from? or More generally, what kind of author do you want to hear from?  (e.g Authors of web comics, short stories, sci-fi, bodice-ripping romance,  furry erotica… Seriously, I’ll take all suggestions.)


What would you ask an author? (Again this can be general e.g. “What are some writing tips the elders want to pass on to the newbies?”  or more specific e.g. “What form of caffeine does Joey Comeau imbibe while writing?”)

3 Responses to “Author Interviews: What would you ask?”

  1. hollyjb

    Oh my gosh, love this line ““No, no, it’s okay,” Jane said. “We’re from Canada.”
    “Yeah,” said Helen. “That’s how we show affection.”
    “At hockey games and things,” Jane said.”. I actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Maybe because I’m from Canada and I’ve never put anyone in a sleeper hold to show affection…not even while attending a hockey game :P.

    I really enjoy the webcomic ‘Questionable Content’ by J.Jacques. Even though I know nothing about Indie Pop culture, lol.

    • aeliusblythe

      Glad to know you laughed! I laughed too, but I think that’s because I’m American and we like to make fun of Canadians even when it doesn’t make sense (but I love Canada, though!) And I think we also like to think that people do crazy things at hockey games because it makes us feel better about doing crazy things at football games. But I think Mr. Comeau may be Canadian himself so it’s okay for him to write jokes like that right? :-)

      I’ve heard of “Questionable Content” but never really read it. I’ll have to check it out and perhaps I can put J.Jacques on my list of targets to hunt down. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Fortune

      she does look fantastic for her age. I saw a video not too long ago that shweod pictures of a bunch of different stars. one when they were younger and one now. Some looked great and some not so much :)


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