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Zombies, necromancers and orbital death platforms are not the only things that come out of the mind of Greg X Graves.  Greg was nice enough to open up said mind and let some more thoughts spill out for your consideration.  Read on:


Imagine Bruce Willis.

Now imagine a dragon.

Now imagine Bruce Willis riding a dragon.

What you see is what you get.

Because both of them exist.

Think about this: everything that you see, like your morning toaster waffle; to everything you smell, like that waffle burning; to everything you feel, like the electric bite of your house’s current jumping through the fork that you’ve jammed into the impassive mouth of the toaster; is moderated by your brain.  Your own personal three pounds of jiggling grey pudding takes all of the signals from your nervous system and interprets them for you.

If everything’s working as it should, the memos from your sensory interpreters get to the thinking centers of the brain, to the emotive centers, and to the memory centers.  You don’t notice the process until something breaks.

That way, tomorrow you won’t be confused by your burnt hand, and you’ll know to be angry at Thomas Edison for inventing the waffle.

And your tummy will be happy because you managed to rescue your breakfast from near-certain immolation.

So your brain has to moderate all of your experiences into something that you can understand, because electrochemical impulses rocketing around your synapses are about as interesting as the stream of signals that the video card on your computer spits out.  But damn if that bootlegged copy of Diehard isn’t exciting.  Go ahead and thank your Wernicke’s area for letting you understand Bruce Willis telling it like it is.

Most people in the world have not heard Bruce Willis, in flesh, tell it like it is.  Some poor souls don’t even know he exists.

Likewise, most people have not met a dragon.

They both exist on the same level of reality for most people: read about in books, magazines, or viewed in some other recorded media.  So a bunch of clever camera operators and audio engineers record the photons bouncing off of Bruce Willis’ mesmerizing eyes and his sonorous voice vibrating the air.  Those signals are duplicated and sent off around the world, which are then converted back into photons and vibrating air molecules by your laptop.

And there’s nothing wrong with that because even if you actually rode a dragon, or Bruce Willis, the experience would still be moderated by your brain!

Dragons, ghosts, telepathic space-faring lizardmen in mansuits all exist – they just don’t have a physical manifestation to stimulate our mental equipment.  They can’t bounce the photons or vibrate the air themselves.  Dragons need artists to do that for them, to create the signals that get sent around the world and reconstructed back into dragons.  But they’re just as real as Bruce Willis.

And that explains the lack of biological research done on the damn things.  That, and the fact that any biologist who gets close enough to study one has probably been captured and turned into a skeleton that rattles around in the dragon’s hoard.

By Greg X Graves

Visit Greg online here.

10 Responses to “Bruce Willis and Dragons: Two Legendary Creatures ~ Guest post by Greg X Graves”

  1. Anonymous

    A very good article, aeliusblythe. Extremely good writing. I’ll visit Greg’s site later today since I’m on a tight schedule this Monday. I have to write thirteen pages of a screenplay to have it completed. You have a really nice and interesting blog.


    • aeliusblythe

      Not my writing! It’s all Greg’s except for the first two lines. Hmmm… should make that clearer. But I’m glad you like the blog. And do visit Greg’s site, there are a ton of really funny stories over there actually.

      And good luck with the 13 pages–I don’t know how much that is in screenplay-writing, but it sounds like a lot!

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