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Re: Norway

It’s a bad day.

I keep trying to work on this blog—-reading all the wonderful fics I’ve discovered,writing up reviews, keeping my piracy/copyright soapbox–uh series–up, planning the next soapb–series, finding the best presentation for all the things I want to put on here.   And I keep trying to work on my own stories, which are normally a comfort to me.  But I keep getting drawn back to the talk on Norway. I’m not going to weigh in here.  This isn’t a political blog, or a blog on current events outside the fiction sphere.  (But if anyone wants to talk, feel free to comment.  I just mean I’m not going to post about it.)  I’ve taken my thoughts to more appropriate sites where discussions on such events can flourish.  I’ve basically been living in these blogs for the past day.  It’s been hard to break away.

I keep thinking, “There’s nothing I can do right now.  It’s over, and discussion will be going on for a long time.  Just get to work.  Doing something useful that you can share with people is better than sitting around being sad.”  I’m trying to get to work.  Really.  But all that ends up happening is me staring at blank word documents, still feeling sad.  So I go back to the discussions because talking feels more like doing something than sitting in silence.

The point is, things are slowing down here.  I am trying to take my own advice and keep things going rather than stagnating because of something I have no control over.

And now I’m going to stop going on about it.

One more thing…

Re: The site

As you may have noticed, I’m taking the advice of almost all of the several dozen people who’ve given me feedback on this site along the lines of : “Good content, crappy theme/organization/visuals.”  I know this is probably not be any better. It’s stark.  It’s plain.  It’s boring.  But it’s all I can manage right now.  I chose this particular theme for the sake of uniformity with Cheap Ass Fiction Fiction–couldn’t manage to put any more thought into it.  Soon maybe it will change into something more attractive.  But I can’t bring myself to worry about that right now.  Right now I’m just trying to keep writing.

6 Responses to “Bad Day”

    • aeliusblythe

      I’m trying…

      It’s funny I don’t usually feel like a sensitive person, but when something big like this happens, I think you really have to be made out of stone not to feel anything.

      I made a point to get some things done yesterday. Little things, like tying up revisions, making notes and researching for new posts. Hopefully, I will be back to normal–well, back to normal writing–soon.

  1. dribblingpensioner

    I alway’s read your post’s when i get them, but unlike yourself i post about anything . But not norway as i feel there will be 1,000s of them already.

    The only thing i would say to do with your site is, search enging’s do not read uncategorized post’s so you should give them a category.

    I think your site’s fine, i removed all colour’s and changed mine back to white.

    • aeliusblythe

      Thanks for the tips, I just put in a couple categories when I changed the theme, but I’ll be adding more and categorizing the backlog of uncategorized posts.

      Your site looks good. I’m a fan of the plain and simple. I may try to find some pictures, but in general I’ll be keeping it pretty sparse.

      You’re right that there are already thousands of posts on Norway, which is why I’ve been spending my time perusing those and jumping into the discussions that have already started instead of adding to the pile. I think I’ll be taking timethief’s advice from the forums though and starting a new blog for current events, since I feel like this one should have a focus rather than just being about anything. I need an “anything” blog, though.

  2. Omar

    Jeg elsker deg Maja. Du gir og fyellr meg med et univers som jeg ikke visste fantes. Jeg gjentar, jeg elsker deg Maja, fordi du er akkurat det du er for meg, en kontakt til noe som er uendelig store enn meg selv, og forf8vrig deg ogse5. Som det er med alle store kunstnere, se5 mener jeg at det ikke er, du/dere som spille/leverer, men noe/noen, ikke vet jeg, men jeg tror, eller er rimelig sikker pe5 at du/dere er en kanal, et instrument for noe storre enn det vi patetiske sme5 mennesker kan se eller forste5.Jeg digger deg og gleder meg til e5 ff8lge deg videre inn, ut i nytt og uoppdaget territorie. Ste5 pe5, gi gass, full gass videre, og se5 sees vi plutselig ..Kje6rlighet, glede og en stor takk til deg vakre menneske.Hilsen Bjf8rnen


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