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Last week I discovered the indie writer, Romi Moondi and this week since I finished Veins I’m reading 2 of her books:  Not Love Poems for Real Life  and  The Book of Awful

Not too far into these, but I’m liking them already. . .

Ongoing Reading

I’m still massively obsessed with We are become pals by Joey Comeau & Jess Fink.  Seriously, just go read it.

Recent reading


by Drew

“For my whole life I’ve had 0 friends or 1 friend, which sounds sad. But in binary, that’s all of them.”

Cheapass though I am, I shelled out a few bucks for this novel by the guy behind Toothpaste for Dinner webcomic. This is, after all, cheap ass fiction, not free ass fiction. And seriously, from the guy who does things like this:

and similar, how could I not give his novel a try?

I’m almost done and will put up a review post haste when I have finished which should be soon because this book is great. I want to say it’s hilarious, but it’s so dark and tragic that I can’t really say that without being a terrible human being. So basically it’s dark and tragic and kinda funny. It’s also $4.99 But there’s a free sample, and soon there’ll be a full review on here, in case you’re even more of a tightwad than I am or if it takes more than a clever observation on bathroom water to convince you.

UPDATE – just finished.  Take a look!

Sector Twelve by Emitar

This is Mars. It would not be a good place to live. Thx, NASA, for the photo.

“It was here in the heart of the God of War where he found the flame of love…”

Jeez, this guy’s got a thing with Mars. But, hey, it works. And how can you not love Mars? It’s so not-imaginary. I think those of us who absorb ourselves in science fiction occasionally need an element of the real. Things hit hard that hit close to home.
Sector Twelve is a collection of short stories, taking place on Mars of course, by the Emitar, the same guy who wrote “Bad Season” that I reviewed recently.
Stay tuned if you like reviews, I’ll be putting one up pretty soon. Otherwise, head on over to Sector Twelve grab a space suit and let us know what you think.

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